Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning In Lexington, SC

Looking for carpet and upholstery cleaning in Lexington, SC ? Maidaroo had been providing affordable carpet cleaning services for the residences and commercial places of Lexington.

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Cleaning carpet, upholstery and tiles can transform how your floor looks. If you want floors that are healthy for your kids, pets and you, having professional cleaning is essential. Your carpet and upholstery is something that increases the aesthetic of your home and if it looks old, dull, worn down, no wouldn’t feel good. Buying a whole new furniture just because it is dirty is unreasonable when you can get cleaning services to make them look like new. If you are a business such as a hotel, guest house, office, the food traffic is much more on the carpets and tiles, upholstery is used more and a thorough cleaning service will make them look new and fresh. We not only clean the carpet, upholstery and tile but sanitise it as well.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning In Lexington, SC

Your carpets are one of the most expensive items in your house. Sadly, it is also one of the most used one and gets dirty quickly. Carpets may have stains from food, wine, coffee, pet urine, and simply furniture stain, food stains, etc. Carpets with stubborn stains are extremely difficult to get off. At home you use water and soap water to get rid of stain, that takes a long time for the carpet to get dry and also, doesn’t remove the stain property. At Maidaroo we have special equipment and professional methods to remove the stain.

Upholstery Cleaning In Lexington, SC

At Maidaroo we clean all your upholstery, no matter the type of fabric. We will stray it with anti-dust and anti-moisture spray to prevent future dust build-up and stains. We will remove the dirt from the fiber and give a very low moisture cleaning treatment, the same one we use for carpets and clean the surface to make it clean. This method prevents the carpet from moisture damage and helps to get it dry quickly. Our team has cleaned enough upholstery to know how to restore the quality of the fabric, make it fluffy. We will sanitize your upholstery if you want for both commercial and residential property.

Tile Cleaning In Lexington, SC

Having dirty tile is something everyone faces. Be it kitchen tile or bathroom tile, dirt build up in the grout is common. We have proper machines to deep clean your tiles. We will first spray the tile with a pre-cleaning solution, strub the surface with industrial surface then use industrial pressure cleaning and vacuum to suck out the dirty water. This process is much more effective than simple house cleaning.

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