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If you have dirty carpets with stains, food marks, furniture marks and uneven surface, we are here to give you affordable carpet cleaning service. We are one of most known carpet cleaners in SC.

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Why Clean Your Carpet?

Your carpets trap allergens. Allergens can be any biological matter that is foregn to our body, such as car hair, dog hair, pollen, bugs, etc. Dust can also be an allergen. These allergens can hide in the fabric of the carpet and release when you walk or sir on the floor. They may cause allergies, nasal irritation, and rashes. These dust materials also promote the growth of bacteria and spores. Everyday vacuuming may remove the allergens on the surface but it is the professional carpet cleaning that can only do the job right. If you have never cleaned the carpet from the time you bought, it has been more than ten years, you should get it cleaned professionally. Clean marpets will remove dust, mites, bugs, and the stains. Clean carpet improves the air quality inside the house by removing the dust. If you have dust allergies, getting carpets cleaned by a professional can help you reduce the allergy symptoms. Your carpet will look and feel new, smell good and won’t have dirty looking stains. The flat surface on the carpet will be ruffed to an even beautifully treated carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

How Is The Carpet Cleaning Done?

The first process is proper vacuuming. All the loose soil and dust particles are removed through vacuuming. The carpet is then sprayed with a pre-cleaning solution all over the place. No spot is let during this process. A brush is used to ruffle the fabric and get the solution to reach each fiber strand. The solution entraps the dust and soil particles make it not stick to the carpet anymore. We then use a scrubbing machine with microfibre cloth, this cloth will scrub away the dirt from the carpet. The process takes a few hours depending on how big or small the carpeted areas are. This can be used in any household or business location. As an additional step we also spray it with anti-dust spray which will increase the longevity of the carpet.

VLM Method

Very Low Moisture or VLM is a carpet and upholstery cleaning method. The only moisture that is used in the process is the pre cleaning spray. It absorbs the dirt and frees it from the carpet fibre. The carpet gets dry within an hour and can be used immediately. Unlike wet cleaning that we do at home to remove stains, such as taking soap water and rubbing the carpet can damage the carpet and won’t be effective in removing the stain.

Low moisture purification is in certain respects easier than steam washing. This approach is gaining popularity as it successfully blends the advantages of steam purification with dry cleaning. Washing process Low Moisture uses chemicals for washing. These are mixed with water and rubbed softly onto the ground. There is just about enough moisture in the carpet to make the cleaning agents work and blend with the dust. The cleaning agent is triggered and the soil and other chemicals are loosened up.

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We have been in service for more than 30 years now, know how to make your carpets look brand new and healthy. Professional cleaning service is nothing like at home cleaning, yes we do vacuum, scrub and watch the carpet but the process is much more efficient and faster.

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