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If you are looking for upholstery cleaning you have come to the right place. Maidaroo provides professional Upholstery cleaning.

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Our workers have trained to give safe and effective upholstery cleaning without harming the upholstery. Our company has been serving most parts of Sc with professional and qualified cleaning service. We take great care of sanitation and do our job following proper protocols. When you need quality Upholstery cleaning Maidaroo is the company for you.

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Maidaroo offers upholstery cleaning at your home, office, hotels, lounges, guest houses, motels, hospice, old age homes etc. We are trained to deal with any commercial or residential service at an affordable cost. We are here to help you with any kind of upholstery cleaning. Be it your sofa, your chairs, mattress, etc. We understand how expensive some upholsteries can be, some can be ancient that have been in your house for ages. You want to save the original look and feel of the upholstery. You wouldn’t want the fabric to be destroyed while cleaning. That is why Maidaroo has been providing extensive cleaning service for Upholstery that are fragile and need special attention. Our professional cleaning service takes great care of the quality of material.

Upholstery comes in different kinds of fabric. Be it leather, suede microfiber, silk and satin, Each type of fiber would need special treatment to be cleaned . You can treat all the upholstery fibres equally. The type of cleaning treatment for leather upholstery won’t be similar to microfiber one. Simiplatly a satin upholstery won’t be similar to leather one. We have the knowledge, equipment and training to clean different types of upholsteries. When you hire us, you can be assured that you are getting the best possible service by professionals who will neve destroy your upholstery.

We are one of the most ethical companies in SC. We do not make fake promises, we do not charge extra or go fake gimmicks. We are what you see. We will community everything in advance so you know the whole process and ask questions if you have any. We do not make promises we can’t keep. As a customer centric company, we work towards keeping our customer happy and satisfied with the work.

We use a few tried and tested methods to clean the furniture. The two methods at=re very Low moisture method, steam cleaning and microfiber buffing. These methods are considered some of the safest and most effective cleaning methods for upholstery cleaning. Once the upholstery is cleaned, we will spray a protective layer on it. It is a hydrophobic layer that prevents first from setting on it and keeps the upholstery clean for a long time.

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When you have stains on the upholstery such as urine stains, food stains, drink stains, they can look upgly and hard to hard. We at Maidaroo will clean your upholstery and remove the stains by proper method. We use proper solutions to clean the stain and make your upholstery look new. No matter the kind of stain and no matter where it is, we will clean it efficiently.

Our special solution, which is environmentally friendly, will clean your upholstery with a clean finish. The solution is non-toxic, non-allergic and will not make you uncomfortable. It is approved to be used inside the use and safe for kids, pets and elderly. Maidaroo offers the best upholstery cleaning service that you can pay for. We are thorough with our work. We promise you won’t be disappointed hiring us. Call us to know more. We will be at your service with a single call.


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